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Nutrition tips for summer

Summer is here thankfully which means lots of health positives as well as seasonal challenges such as hay fever. There is an abundance of in-season fruits and vegetables which can be found locally grown. Maybe you are growing a few goodies in your garden? It is a perfect time to up the intake of colourful, nutrient rich foods. Here are a few tips to support your health this summer:

1. Stay hydrated - an obvious one but so much harder to do than it sounds. 6-8 glasses of non-caffeinated fluid per day is the guidance but increase this on hotter days or if more active. Even being fractionally dehydrated significantly affects energy and concentration. Also, consume water-rich foods such as watermelon, lettuce, strawberries, cucumber, and celery.

2. Experiment with healthier barbeque options – barbeques can traditionally be very meat and bread heavy, try mixing this up by having salmon & vegetable kebabs, a homemade mushroom burger, alongside a mix of salads. Also, plant proteins hold up well in the heat like beans, nuts, seeds, tofu, or tempeh.

3. Incorporate more seasonal foods such as: spinach, radishes, lettuce, rocket, strawberries, raspberries, runner beans, broccoli, carrots, beetroot, tomatoes, and fresh herbs (often overlooked) which can be easily grown on a kitchen windowsill!

4. In hot weather, smoothies can be a great way to up the intake of fluid and nutrients – aim to include more vegetables than fruit so not loaded with sugar. You can freeze them in lolly moulds too, as in the gorgeous ones in the picture here!

5. As mentioned, some health challenges can arise such as hay fever, skin issues, coping with menopausal hot flashes, and as we eat out more, managing food intolerances/allergies. In terms of hay fever, immune support in nutrients such as vitamins A, C, E, zinc, selenium, and antioxidants can help prevent the release of the inflammatory chemical histamine. There are also natural remedies and gut support plays an important role.

To find out more about how to manage hay fever and many other health issues, including digestive support and hormone balancing, I offer a complementary 20 minute call.

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