About Juliet

Areas of Focus:


Digestive wellness

Fatigue/Low energy

Female health/Hormones

Thyroid issues


Skin issues

Teen health


Blood sugar balance

My Story

I have always been interested in health and helping people to feel better. Originally I trained as a Nurse, and have managed both chronic and acute disease for 20 years. I work at an advanced level and have a very good understanding of how the body works and how it can go wrong! Coupled with my nutritional knowledge, this ensures I have a lot to offer to help  improve a client's health.

Quite often what western medicine can provide may only get people so far with their health journey or recovery. I feel strongly that there is more to health than taking tablets or sticking a metaphorical plaster over the problem. The more I have looked into what else can help a person heal quicker or prevent illness, diet and lifestyle jumped out as being key components to help reach a better physical and mental state.

My decision to follow the path of becoming a nutritionist has also been inspired by having health challenges faced by relatives, including cardiovascular and thyroid problems. As well as this, I have two children, with allergies, eczema and asthma! This has taught me a lot about the relationship between food, the gut and health issues. With this acquired knowledge, I strive to feed my children healthier food utilising creative approaches, to try to meet the challenges!


I have been inspired to research more natural methods of tackling illness and disease and address health imbalances with a more holistic and naturopathic approach, hence, I chose to study Nutritional Therapy at The College of Naturopathic Medicine. This led me to understand how food can be our medicine and also our poison. Each person has their own individual nutritional and biochemical needs and there is no one size fits all or one diet to achieve a healthy body.

As a Registered Nutritional Therapist I am a member of the professional bodies;  The British Association of Nutritional Therapy (BANT) and Complementary & Natural Healthcare Commission (CNHC) which provide assurance to the public of an adherence to strict professional standards.