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'I’ve been getting on really well. I haven’t actually had any symptoms at all for about 2 months. Thank you so much for your help to date, it’s been life changing, literally!' 

L.W, Surrey

I am passionate about supporting women to achieve hormonal harmony and not be ruled by digestive symptoms. You deserve to feel on top form - My mission is to help you achieve this and look forward to each day feeling energised and balanced.

Are you struggling with digestive issues; IBS, bloating, constipation or things don't feel quite right with your gut?

Are your hormones out of whack, are you overwhelmed by PMS, PCOS or peri-menopause?
Are you lacking in energy and have no get up and go, or continually feeling underpar?


Nutritional Therapy can make an enormous difference to all these problems. I successfully support both women and teenagers utilising a '360', evidence based approach to get your body back into balance. This incorporates addressing lifestyle (including stress and sleep), mindset barriers, as well as diet, with achievable and realistic personalised recommendations. Book your free discovery call.

I am a BANT and CNHC Registered Nutritional Therapist with additional functional medicine training as well as an Accredited Health Coach (About me) which means I aim to get to the root cause of an issue and provide a holistic assessment, and tailored plans. I can organise testing such as bloods, stool analysis, hormone screening and more, if appropriate, to obtain further information and support a targeted approach.


Lifestyle and nutrition habits in particular can often be deeply entrenched, linked to many different emotions and other hidden barriers to change. As a Health Coach, I can help you identify any mindset and lifestyle blocks to achieving your health goals. The combination of nutritional therapy and health coaching is particularly effective in achieving transformational results. 

An extensive background working as a senior nurse has provided me with a wealth of knowledge, and understanding of the body and medical issues. Nutritional therapy can be a very good adjunct to conventional medicine. They are not mutually exclusive!

I am also a qualified EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, 'Tapping') practitioner. EFT is a powerful tool often referred to as "Psychological acupressure" which involves using fingertips to 'tap' on energy meridian points to help release negative emotions and blockages. These blockages can lead to self limiting beliefs, anxiety, low self esteem and physical symptoms. EFT restores awareness and trust in the natural healing abilities of our mind and body, providing ground-breaking opportunities to achieving physical and emotional well-being in a faster time frame.





















Work with me

I offer 1-1 consultations (online or face to face),

as well as talks, presentations, workshops,

corporate wellness sessions and write nutrition

related articles.  Please feel free to  Contact me

for more details, or Book a complimentary discovery call.

As well as focusing on

digestive/gut issues and hormonal imbalances, I also 

support clients with ongoing fatigue, skin issues

and immune resilience.


Success Stories

I find it incredibly rewarding to see my clients

progress with the programmes and support offered

and hear about them getting their life back and feel like 

a 'new them'. Below are some of the testimonials

from previous clients who feel healthier and

most importantly happier!

Citrus Fruits

I'd given up hope of finding any relief from my symptoms without resorting to medication until I spoke to Juliet. I signed up to a 12 week programme and was amazed at the amount of time she spent with me to develop a regime that suited me. Juliet's approach is very holistic and she makes sure that any suggestions are going to work within your lifestyle. I always felt very comfortable discussing my symptoms as she's very compassionate and has a wealth of knowledge. I experienced a significant reduction in my symptoms during the 12 week programme and now feel I have control over them.'

F.C. - Surrey

Citrus Fruits

'Juliet is superb at what she does and I can honestly say that working with her has transformed my life. I went to see her due to skin issues I had developed at 40. She focused on this but also importantly my thyroid health as have had thyroid issues for over 20 years. I really didn't think anything could change on this front and have just got used to the symptoms I learnt to live with. However, I'm staggered by how good I now feel. Energy levels so much better, aching and fatigue gone, mood massively improved and more balanced and basically feel better and happier than I have in a very long time. My skin is also improved and back to standard hormonal breakouts but these are reduced and skin health is overall noticeably better. I really like her approach which is to look at everything in the round and sets up a whole programme of dietary, lifestyle and supplement support. Going to Juliet has been one of the best things I've ever done.'

Chloe C.B. - Surrey

Citrus Fruits

'Before seeking help from Juliet I was at a real mental and physical standstill. Her guidance and support has honestly been life changing. I have noticed an extreme reduction in my symptoms from when I started with her, which is unbelievable. I couldn’t recommend Juliet enough. Her wealth of knowledge and compassion is extremely reassuring and made my experience with her exceptionally positive.'

H.C. - Surrey

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