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Talks, Workshops and Corporate Wellness


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Do you suffer from bloating?

Abdominal discomfort? Digestive issues?

Find some foods don't agree with you?

Did you know the gut is known as our 'second brain'?

Gut health is linked to our mood and hormones & much more

There's nothing to be embarrassed about when talking about poo!


I'll share simple nutrition and lifestyle strategies to support gut harmony and help reduce bothersome symptoms. 


Book tickets:

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SLEEP WELL, FEEL WELL - How daily habits influence our hormones


Do you struggle with premenstrual symptoms; anger or sadness?

Have you got irregular periods?

Erratic moods and sudden rage?

Have you accepted fatigue as part of your everyday life?

Do you crave sugar and caffeine?

Have difficulty getting a good night's sleep?

Do you feel ruled by your hormones at times?


Sleep can play havoc with hormones and vice versa.


Find out about simple nutrition and lifestyle strategies to balance your hormones and get restful uninterrupted sleep long term.

Come and join me at R Space Studio. Book tickets:

Some of the organisations I have provided talks for, range from stress to energy and menopause are: Investec Asset Management London, Stepupclub and DWG

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Female health is a popular topic, discussed here at a Women's Wellness Conference organised by Surrey Total Health

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